Why paying attention to Chinese visitors is good for business

Businesses in the Yorkshire region who pay attention to the vibrant community of Chinese students at the University of Leeds, their visiting friends and family, and other Chinese tourists and residents in Yorkshire will be better able to attract and retain these valuable customers.

We talked to Harvey Nichols and Malcolm Michaels Butchers to find out how they cater for Chinese customers and why they believe that an understanding of Chinese language and culture is good for business.

Chinese words and phrases in the video

你好(nǐhǎo) – hello
你好吗 (nǐhǎo ma) – how are you
谢谢 (xièxie) – thank you
三镑 (sān bàng) – three pounds
这和我们在约克郡有什么关系呢? (zhè hé wǒmen zài Yuēkèjùn yǒu shénme guānxi ne?)- What’s that got to do with us here in Yorkshire?
约克郡 (Yuēkèjùn) – Yorkshire