In this talk, Leeds alumnus Andrew Disbury will explain how learning to speak Chinese has shaped his life, career and global outlook.
The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi – Chinese Proficiency Test) assesses your ability to use Chinese in your daily life, and in academic and professional situations. Register by 25 October 2020 for this exam date.

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Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies at King’s College London, reveals the hidden story of the rise of the man dubbed the ‘Chinese Godfather’, the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao.
Jonathan Geldart transports us to a Chinese coffee shop where we learn about the country today through the stories of its people. Join us to find out how people really live and do business in modern China.
‘Tiger Head, Snake Tails: China Today’ is a Financial Times, Guardian and Bloomberg Business Week Book of the Year. On 11th February 2016 you can ‘Meet the Author’ and find out why.
Meet the Authors continues with special guest Ben Chu, economics editor at The Independent, discussing his first book. Join us as we dispel some myths about China.
Meet the Authors is teaming up with Leeds Big Bookend to bring you a China book talk at this year’s ‘rock festival for words’ in Leeds City Centre.
Michael Dillon, one of the UK’s leading authorities on modern China, presents an original and full biography of this charismatic leader who has played a huge role in China’s modern history.
Jonathan Geldart has interviewed some of the top Chinese business leaders of today- and now he is going to share their secrets with you.
John Spurling discusses his expertly researched historical novel full of fascinating details as well as action and riveting drama.
International bestselling author Jung Chang reveals the remarkable story of the woman who single-handedly dragged China into the modern age.