Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how Chinese culture differs from your own and the implications for doing business? In this seminar, Dr Peter Peverelli will apply Fons Trompenaars 7-Dimensional model to Chinese culture, providing us with a means to not only identify and analyse cultural differences, but also to reconcile them.
An eight-week Mandarin course for adults.
An eight-week Mandarin course for adults.
This is our next scheduled date for offering HSK exams in Leeds, but due to the pandemic it is possible that exams can’t go ahead as usual. Updates will be published on our HSK webpage and via our newsletter.

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Join us for a fun language taster session to find out what it is like to learn a new language! This will help to build your confidence if you are thinking about studying in a country where English is not the first language.
Register by 10 October 2018 to take the BCT exam at our exam centre on this date.
We’ll be at the Study Abroad Fair to talk to students about China as a potential destination. Find out about our 2-week China Camp in the Easter holiday, and learn why studying in China isn’t as scary as you might think!
A new term of Chinese evening courses begins. Classes will take place once a week for eight weeks. Find out more about Chinese courses here.
Does your business know how to cater to Chinese customers? How can you make Chinese customers feel at home in your store or hotel and how can you pitch your products and services to them via Chinese on-line and social media channels? In this seminar a panel will discuss Chinese consumer behaviour and how best to make Chinese consumers good for your business.
Talk to us at Leeds Business Week to find out how your business can communicate with Chinese customers more effectively.
Come along to our Open Day to browse our resource library, enjoy cultural activities, and find out more about your Business Confucius Institute.
A panel of expert speakers consider China’s activities in Africa from a variety of perspectives including industrialisation, agricultural development, security and international relations.
Come and meet our team at the University of Leeds Freshers Fair to find out how our events and activities can enhance your University experience.
We will run cultural activities at the Royal Armouries Museum for this action-packed themed weekend, which celebrates the brave young warrior woman who became one of China’s greatest heroines. Find us there on the Saturday.