Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 900 million speakers worldwide. Being able to communicate with such a large proportion of the world’s population is great for travel and for your career! You will love getting to grips with all aspects of this fascinating language, from the beautiful characters to the elegant grammar.

Why learn Chinese?

Travel opportunities

Once you’ve begun studying Chinese you will be able to travel with ease through the stunning and culturally diverse country. With Mandarin skills you will be able to break down language barriers, talk to locals and totally immerse yourself in the culture.

Students who have attended our courses are eligible to attend our China Camps.


The Chinese market is already huge and it’s still expanding. With the second largest economy in the world there are infinite opportunities for trade. Language skills are essential for international business and for building lasting relationships. In today’s economy being able to communicate in Chinese is a huge advantage.

Or just for fun…

Learning Chinese opens up your world, challenges your mind, and above all, it’s fun!