Exam Preparation

Depending on your level and learning goals, there are various ways to prepare for the Chinese Proficiency Exams that we offer. On this page you can find links to the courses and resources that can help you in your exam preparation.

Many students take our Evening Courses to work on their general Chinese while preparing for the HSK. Your teacher can provide guidance and additional resources to help you learn what you need to know for the exam. To familiarise yourself with the exam format, you can browse our resource library; look at the online resources we have collected here; or contact us and arrange to speak to a member of our teaching team.

If you are particularly interested in the Business Chinese Test (BCT) please also see the Business Chinese page.

Providing students with a strong foundation in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, these courses are the ideal starting point for anyone considering HSK levels 1-3.
On our exam pages you can view official sample HSK papers. We also have details of a special discount from The Chairman's Bao for subscriptions to their news-based reading lessons graded by HSK level.
Use our range of books and multimedia resources to support your studies. Registered students and exam candidates are also able to borrow materials. Find out more about access to the library.