BCI Chinese New Year Workshops at Horsforth School

Business Confucius Institute teachers spent the day at Horsforth School on Monday 17 January, introducing Year 7, 8 and 9 students to Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

The programme of activities for the day aimed to promote cultural experience of Chinese New Year of Tiger, with pupils taking part in papercutting activities.

Every year, Business Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers deliver workshops or Chinese language classes to students at Horsforth School to mark the Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival). This year, we ran five Chinese papercutting workshops.

Our teachers explained the history of papercutting and guided them step-by-step through the process of cutting paper into figures with cultural meanings, such as 熊猫 (Panda), a national treasure in China, and 老虎 (Tiger), to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

Students were also taught to cut festive characters with cultural significance, including 双喜 (Double happiness) and春 (Spring).

It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic the students were about Chinese cultures and arts. They were happy to try their hand at the craft, and we appreciate their active engagement and participation!

The workshops are part of a series of Chinese New Year celebration events, and we look forward to organising more in the future.