Fu Yin-Heinberg

Hometown in China

Lingyuan (a small city only 7 hours’ drive from Beijing)

Favourite food

Spicy fish, Sichuan style


Reading novels from different cultures

Favourite thing about teaching Chinese

Comparing Chinese culture with Western cultures. By looking at others we understand ourselves better.

Top tip for beginner learners of Chinese

I started to like learning English after I fell in love with Backstreet Boys; I choose French as my major after I listened Céline Dion; astonished by Rammstein I started to learn German, so what’s your favourite Chinese singer?

Top tip for more advanced learners of Chinese

Find a language partner and speak Chinese with him/her regularly

Favourite Chinese saying or chengyu and why


An old farmer lost his horse, after several days it came back with a female one and they gave birth to a pony. The farmer’s son tried to ride on the pony but broke his leg. A war broke out and the king forced all the young men to fight for him. Because of the broken leg, the farmer’s son escaped the war. So when bad things happen, keep calm and carry on, good things may follow.

A website I recommend to students

Viki.com is the best site for watching Chinese TV dramas.

A Chinese TV show I recommend to students

Nirvana In Fire 琅琊榜

A surprising fact about me

I can teach Chinese in four different languages.

Chinese teaching background and experience

After I finished my Linguistics Master’s degree, I started my teaching career as a French lecturer in China. In Germany I studied for a Master of Education and started teaching Chinese in schools and Universities. For me teaching different languages is my passion.