Hometown in China


Favourite food



Travelling, cooking, jewellery designing

Favourite thing about teaching Chinese

My students

Top tip for beginner learners of Chinese

Set goals and achieve

Top tip for more advanced learners of Chinese

Practice, practice and more practice

Favourite Chinese saying or chengyu

读 万 卷 书, 行 万 里 路
Read ten thousand books and walk ten thousand miles.

dú wàn juàn Shū, xíng wàn lǐ lù

Reading will enlarge one’s second-hand knowledge, while observing will enrich one’s first-hand knowledge.

A Chinese TV show I recommend to students

A Bite of China. It is a Chinese documentary television series on the history of food, eating, and cooking in China.

Chinese teaching background and experience

Time flies; I have been teaching Chinese for over 10 years in the UK. My students are my favourite thing about teaching, and I am proud of their achievements. I have worked at the BCI before (so glad I am back!) and I have also worked for other educational institutions. Besides teaching, I am also a Chinese business consultant. I love what I do. Some people say “Do what you love; you’ll be better at it” and I couldn’t agree more.