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WANG Yuqing

Chinese Instructor
22 Clarendon Building

Chinese woman standing next to the Business Confucius Institute sign outside the office.

Hometown in China:


Favourite food:

All kinds of fruits


Chinese folk dance and read

Favourite thing about teaching Chinese:

People from other countries are able to break the language barrier and get to know the real China by learning Chinese.

Top tip for beginner learners of Chinese:

Listen more, speak more, Chinese is not as hard as you think.

Top tip for more advanced learners of Chinese:

Chinese civilization is a great treasure, and you now have the key to open the door.

Favourite Chinese saying or chengyu:

见素抱朴,少私寡欲。The phrase is taken from the Tao Te Ching by the Chinese thinker Lao Tzu and means to maintain a pure and simple nature and to reduce selfishness and distractions.

A Chinese TV show I recommend to students:

《家有儿女》The story is about the daily life of a reconstituted family living in Beijing, with real life scenes and everyday spoken language that is ideal for learners to use as learning material.

Chinese teaching background and experience:

I worked as volunteer teacher in China for years and have years of teaching practices during my undergraduate studies. Now I'm taking advantages of my past experience to work for a master degree Teaching Mandarin as the Second Language.