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Research study looking for Chinese participants


Are you someone from Mainland China, Hong Kong, or from other Chinese ethnicities (e.g. Malaysian Chinese) who has lived in the UK for over 5 years? Are you over the age of 70? 

A study exploring the experience of place and community amongst older Chinese people is recruiting participants to take part in one-off interviews.

This study is being undertaken by a PhD researcher from the Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group who is also project manager for the CEDP Chinese Centre in Brighton.

Please find details below. The Business Confucius Institute is not involved in or affiliated with this research project, so please contact the researcher directly if you are interested in taking part.

About the project

Project description

It is important to ensure that everyone has access to the best services for wellbeing in later life. To do this we need to understand how communities work to create policy, services and funding that supports all communities, including the Chinese community in the UK . Research has found that older ethnic minority people living nearer to other ethnic minority people, will experience a better sense of community and culture, better social support and are less isolated. However, there is a lack of research on more geographically dispersed communities, such as the older Chinese community in the UK.

There is a need to explore the experiences and social relationships of older Chinese individuals and the influence neighbourhood and place has on the formation of relationships and sense of community.

Who they are looking for

  • The project is looking for people from Mainland China, Hong Kong, or other Chinese ethnicities (i.e., Malaysian Chinese) over the age of 70 who have lived in the UK for longer than 5 years.
  • To participate in a one-off interview that will involve semi-structured questions – this can be in person, online, or on the phone.
  • Participants will receive a £20 voucher for their help.
  • An interpreter is available in Cantonese or Mandarin.

Contact details

Miriam Tenquist


Number: 07733194009

Information in Traditional Chinese





參加將涉及半結構化問題的一次性採訪— —這可以是面對面的、在線的或通過電話進行的。

參與者將獲得 20 英鎊的代金券以表彰他們的幫助。