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Partner Event: Is Dao Translatable?

The East Asian Translation Research satellite launches on 1 May with a research talk from Professor XIONG Wei, visiting from Wuhan University in China.

Meet the Author: Bridging the Gap (An Introduction to Intercultural Communication with China)

Dr Catherine Hua Xiang unravels the nuances of effective communication in China. Her new book, 'Bridging the Gap', equips readers with the understanding needed to navigate cultural differences, making their cross-cultural interactions more successful and rewarding.

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Chinese Language

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, with over 900 million speakers worldwide. Being able to communicate with such a large proportion of the world’s population is great for travel and for your career! You will love getting to grips with all aspects of this fascinating language, from the beautiful characters to the elegant grammar.

Chinese Culture

We inspire people to engage with Chinese culture through a range of events and projects that explore China's traditional culture and modern society.

China Business and Careers

An ability to speak Mandarin and an understanding of Chinese culture breaks down barriers when you work with Chinese people and companies in China or the UK.
As a business-focussed Confucius Institute, our work around language and culture has a strong emphasis on applying that knowledge for business purposes.
Our main focus is on helping businesses to communicate with Chinese customers more effectively.