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HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test)

The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi - Chinese Proficiency Test) assesses your ability to use Chinese in your daily life, and in academic and professional situations.

The HSK has six levels, ranging from beginner (level 1) to advanced (level 6), which test your reading, listening, and writing.

We also offer the HSKK (Hanyu Shuiping Kouyu Kaoshi - Chinese Speaking Proficiency Test) on selected dates. The test takes place on a computer and is assessed from the recording.

Next exam date

18 August 2024 (HSK and HSKK)

Registration deadline: 18 July

Upcoming exam dates

Saturday 16 November 2024

Important information

Exam times


  • HSK 2
  • HSK 4
  • HSK 6


  • HSK 1
  • HSK 3
  • HSK 5


All HSKK levels


Exam fees


Level 1 - £10

Level 2 - £20

Level 3 - £30

Level 4 - £40

Level 5 - £50

Level 6 - £60


HSKK Primary - £15

HSKK Intermediate - £25

HSKK Advanced - £35

Pay your exam fee via the University of Leeds online store. If you are taking more than one exam, you will need to register separately for each one.

Making the payment does not complete the registration process. See 'How to register for the exam' below.

Please note that the exam fee is non-refundable. Please ensure that you have entered the correct fee for the level you are taking before beginning the booking process.

Certificate fee

A paper copy of your certificate is not currently included in the exam fees. Candidates who require a paper copy must request this themselves and pay an additional fee. You can do this through the Extra Score Report service on the website.

How to register (please read carefully)

  1. Sign up via You will need to log in as a test taker (or create an account).
  2. Once you are registered on the Chinese Test website, you need to pay the exam centre (that's us) to complete the registration. Pay your exam fee via the University of Leeds online store. You will need to take a note of the exam fee for your chosen level(s) and adjust the online payment manually to the appropriate amount.

Please ensure that you complete the above steps. In order to successfully sign up for an exam you MUST register on AND make your online store payment before the registration deadline.

Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance.

Information for registered candidates (in-person exams)

Applicants will be issued with an admission ticket and directions to the test centre after we have processed your registration.

The time and place specified on the admission ticket may be subject to change. You will receive confirmation of your exam date and time prior to the exam.

You will need to bring the ticket and personal ID when attending the exam.

Why take the HSK?

Track your progress

It's very motivating to work your way through the levels as your Chinese improves.


Hanban offers scholarships for non-Chinese students to study in China, and a HSK certificate is required even if you have a Chinese degree. For full details visit the Hanban scholarships website.


Putting your HSK level on your CV is the best way to demonstrate your Chinese ability to potential employers, as it shows your level relative to an international standard.

Chinese work permits

You receive additional points for HSK scores in work permit applications.