This Leeds Salon event features a talk by Austin Williams, author of ‘China’s Urban Revolution’. BCI Director Giles Blackburne will be on the critical panel for the discussion after the talk.
The University of Leeds Staff Festival is an opportunity for staff members to relax and have fun on campus with their families. Along with this year’s theme of ‘Making Things’, we will offer workshops on calligraphy and Chinese tea.
Year 7 students at our Harrogate Grammar School Confucius Classroom enjoy a day of activities to introduce them to Chinese language and culture. We are currently recruiting our volunteer team for this event.
We will run cultural activities at the Royal Armouries Museum for this action-packed themed weekend, which celebrates the brave young warrior woman who became one of China’s greatest heroines.
A panel of expert speakers consider China’s activities in Africa from a variety of perspectives include industrialisation, agricultural development, security and international relations.
Come along to our Open Day to browse our resource library, enjoy cultural activities, and find out more about your Business Confucius Institute.
Talk to us at Leeds Business Week to find out how your business can communicate with Chinese customers more effectively.
Does your business know how to cater to Chinese customers? How can you make Chinese customers feel at home in your store or hotel and how can you pitch your products and services to them via Chinese on-line and social media channels? In this seminar a panel will discuss Chinese consumer behaviour and how best to make Chinese consumers good for your business.
Register by 10 October 2018 to take the BCT exam at our exam centre on this date.
Register by 14 October 2018 to take the HSK or HSKK exams at our exam centre on this date.

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This symposium is one of a series of conferences run by the Association for the Supervision of Research Students in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.
Register by 14 May 2018 to take the HSK exam at our exam centre on this date.
Register by 14 May 2018 to take the BCT exam at our exam centre on this date.
Mandarin teachers in the region are invited to attend this free training day to share ideas and develop new skills under the guidance of British Mandarin teaching expert Chris Webster.
A tai chi taster session for University staff as part of Staff Healthy Week 2018.
A new term of Chinese evening courses begins. Classes will take place twice a week for four weeks.
Dr Linda Yueh, a prominent economist and author of China’s Growth, will be joining us to talk about her unique insight into the Chinese economy, its achievement, paradox and prospect.
We are taking part in a jam packed family day hosted by Action at the University of Leeds on the 21st April. Come along to enjoy a range of fun activities, including our tai chi taster sessions and calligraphy demonstration.
Immerse yourself in Chinese language and culture for two weeks on our China camp.
Register by 25 February 2018 to take the HSK or HSKK exams at our exam centre on this date.