Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how Chinese culture differs from your own and the implications for doing business? In this seminar, Dr Peter Peverelli will apply Fons Trompenaars 7-Dimensional model to Chinese culture, providing us with a means to not only identify and analyse cultural differences, but also to reconcile them.
An eight-week Mandarin course for adults.
An eight-week Mandarin course for adults.
This is our next scheduled date for offering HSK exams in Leeds, but due to the pandemic it is possible that exams can’t go ahead as usual. Updates will be published on our HSK webpage and via our newsletter.

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Register to watch Mandarin learners from around the UK demonstrate their skills in this annual Chinese-language proficiency competition. International Relations and Chinese student Rebecca Mingotti Landriani will be representing the University of Leeds in this online contest held on Zoom.
In this talk, Leeds alumnus Andrew Disbury will explain how learning to speak Chinese has shaped his life, career and global outlook.
Lao Zi was the founder of the philosophy known as Daoism. In this talk from Manchester Confucius Institute, Manuel Parreno examines Laozi’s Dao as it relates to human beings, the current global pandemic, and Laozi’s understanding of how we can harness greater inner peace in our life. Click to watch again on Youtube.
A unique opportunity to learn about living, working and operating effectively in China from long term resident, highly regarded lawyer and successful entrepreneur Jeremy Sargent OBE.
Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas will take a broad look at China’s fashion industry.
The China-Britain Business Council is organising a free comprehensive online programme of themed digital events designed to support UK businesses of all sizes as the UK economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learn Chinese with our dedicated team of teachers. Our Mandarin courses are aimed at adults interested in learning a new language in their spare time. This summer term lasts for a month with classes twice a week.
Translator and interpreter Faruk Mardan will share the lessons he has learned about Chinese and UK business culture through his work. You will also learn more about what this kind of job is really like.  
Chinese instructor Jianan will tickle your tastebuds with this online talk about Chinese cuisine.  
Ian Ward from People First Team China will talk about career opportunities in the UK and China for non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese.