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Meet the Author at Leeds Big Bookend Festival: Jonathan Geldart on 'Notes from a Beijing Coffee Shop'

Meet the Author
Saturday 4 June 2016

Join us as Jonathan Geldart transports us to a Chinese coffee shop where we learn about the country today through the stories of its people – in particular, for this event, some of the extraordinary women he met, many of whom struggle for independence and recognition.

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China remains an enigma to many. It is suspended in limbo between media reports and the filtered reality of friends and family visits. This enormous and complex country is either vilified for its shortcomings or praised for its vibrancy, culture and heritage. The truth lies somewhere in between. Jonathan Geldart's Notes from a Beijing Coffee Shop unearth some of the modern day truths of China, in all its complexity, through the words of those who live in Beijing. It is a beguiling series of insights and nuggets of knowledge which will educate and inform you.

Through the stories Jonathan shares, you will emerge with a deeper appreciation of the place and particularly of its emerging middle classes who are providing the economic spending power essential to the long term success of the country.

In this talk, the author will focus on the stories of some of the women he has met in China.

This is a free event but booking is recommended. You can book your ticket via Eventbrite.