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Engage with Chinese traditional arts in a completely new way! This unique series of three dance workshops, part of a University of Leeds PhD research project, will cover poetry, calligraphy and painting in an intensive three-day programme. 
Doing business in China right now can feel like an almost impossible task. Well, thus was it ever. And of the many resources claiming to hold the answers, which are deserving of our time and attention?  Join for a talk that will deliver practical recommendations as well as commentary on broader questions related to how we…
Discover Chinese culture and history through this introduction to Hanfu – traditional Han Chinese clothing.
BCI instructor Yueju Li will introduce you to the power and grace of kung fu fan! Challenge your balance and coordination as you follow along with this absorbing activity, accompanied by beautiful Chinese martial arts music.
Discover ancient Chinese society through some of the poems in The Book of Songs.
Discover Chinese Yang Style 24 Form Tai Chi. 
The Leeds University Union Engage Team invite you to make and eat dumplings in celebration of Lunar New Year.
Join us for a fun celebration of Chinese New Year open to all friends of the Business Confucius Institute.  Learn about Spring Festival traditions and take part in cultural activities while enjoying Chinese tea and snacks.  
Joey Liang from Quirky Moth Theatre Beijing, will join us remotely in China and deliver a talk on-line about Chinese moon culture and its representation on in Chinese Theatre stages.
As the first traditional Chinese festival listed on the World’s Intangible Cultural Heritages, Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three most important lunar festivals in China, the culture event is featured with a culture lesson and two arts craft workshops.