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Meet the Author: Kerry Brown - ‘CEO, China - the rise of Xi Jinping’

Meet the Author
Tuesday 26 April 2016

Kerry Brown, Professor of Chinese Studies at King's College London, reveals the hidden story of the rise of the man dubbed the ‘Chinese Godfather’, the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao.

The author is one of the few western academics who has met and worked with the leadership in China, and he speaks and reads fluent Mandarin. Join us for Meet the Authors to hear him speak about his new book and answer your questions.

China has become the powerhouse of the world economy, its incredible boom overseen by the elite members of the secretive and all-powerful communist party. But since the election of Xi Jinping as General Secretary, life at the top in China has changed. Under the guise of a corruption crackdown, which has seen his rivals imprisoned, Xi Jinping has been quietly building one of the most powerful leaderships modern China has ever seen. In CEO
China, the noted China expert Kerry Brown reveals the hidden story of the rise of the man dubbed the ‘Chinese Godfather’. Brown investigates his relationship with his revolutionary father, who was expelled by Mao during the Cultural Revolution, his business dealings and allegiances in China’s regional power struggles and his role in the internal battle raging  between the old men of the Deng era and the new super-rich ‘princelings’. Xi Jinping’s China is powerful, aggressive and single-minded and this book will become a must-read for the Western world.


17:30 Registration and refreshments

17:50 Talk and Q&A

18:45 Networking and book signing

19:10 Event closes

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About the Author

Kerry Brown is the Professor of Chinese Studies and Director of the Lau China Institute at King's College, London. He was Professor of Chinese Politics and Director of the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney from 2012 to 2015, and prior to that a diplomat in the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, London. A graduate of Cambridge, London, and Leeds universities, he is the author of ten other books on modern China, and a multi volume `Dictionary of Chinese Biography'.

About Meet the Authors

We regularly invite authors whose books have a China connection to come and speak at the University for our Meet the Authors series. A diverse range of authors have appeared to discuss both fiction and non-fiction books covering business, culture, history and more.