We inspire people to engage with Chinese culture through a range of events and projects that explore China’s traditional culture and modern society.

In today’s connected world, we come into contact with other cultures all the time – in both our personal and professional lives. Even if you have never planned to go to China, you probably study or work alongside Chinese people, and hear snatches of conversation in Mandarin as you walk on the streets of Leeds. You might have noticed some cultural differences, and wondered how to work more effectively with your Chinese colleagues, or attract Chinese consumers to your business.

We are here to help!

Culture and Language

If you are learning Mandarin, attending our events is a great way to supplement your studies. Language and culture are intertwined, and we hope that many of you will choose to explore both with us. The ability to speak even just a little Mandarin can be the key to a deeper, and even more rewarding, understanding of China. Visit the Language section of our website for more details of the courses we offer.

Culture and Business

For those of you thinking of your career or business, you don’t even need to go to China to reap the rewards of this cultural knowledge! The insights you gain from our cultural and business-related events will set you up for success with Chinese customers in the UK, whether they are tourists, students, or part of the growing migrant community. Visit our Business pages for more information about how we can help you and your business in this area.