An introduction to Chinese Cuisine

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  • Time: 18:00-19:00
  • Location: Online - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
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Chinese instructor Jianan will tickle your tastebuds with this online talk about Chinese cuisine.  

Watch the recording of this talk online

Not only will you gain a general understanding of the different types of Chinese food (how many of the eight styles have you tried?), but we’ll share some local knowledge about finding and cooking Chinese food in Leeds.  

We’ll provide inspiration for recipes you can try yourself and make sure you know which key ingredients to look out for in the shops. Learn about local Chinese restaurants and pick up some phrases to impress the waiters when you order. 

A board showing the date and two Chinese dishes on the table. One is beef and egg and the other is a bowl of noodles.

Jianan’s home cooking

Finally, there will be insights into Chinese online food culture during lockdown. You’ll find out what dishes Chinese people are making at home and sharing on social media during this time. After this talk maybe you will also have some culinary experiments of your own to share! 

How to attend the session 

The talk will be delivered on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, and the link to access the session will be sent out to all registered attendees on the day of the event.  

All video and microphones will be muted but you can ask questions using the chat function.  

Learn Mandarin 

Do you want to order your dishes in Mandarin when you go out to eat? Our next Chinese course will begin on 9 June, with lessons twice a week delivered online at a special reduced price. Find out more about our Mandarin courses here.