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Meet the Author: Jonathan Geldart - ‘Notes from a Beijing Coffee Shop’

Meet the Author
Wednesday 9 March 2016

Jonathan Geldart transports us to a Chinese coffee shop where we learn about the country today through the stories of its people. Join us to find out how people really live and do business in modern China.

Back in April Jonathan Geldart brought us insights into Chinese business through interviews with the real movers and shakers in China's top companies, detailed in his book 'Thoughts of Chairmen Now'. We are delighted to welcome Jonathan back to Leeds to discuss his latest book, in which he widens his scope to cover all aspects of Chinese life, business, and culture.

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About the author

Jonathan Geldart is responsible for Grant Thornton International's strategy in China. He has worked regularly in China for many years as well as having extensive experience within other emerging economies. With over 30 years' experience in brands and strategic brand development Jonathan is a regular speaker on brands, branding and leadership around the world, as well as on doing business in China. In 2011 he became the first non-Chinese lecturer on brands and branding in the accounting profession at training sessions sponsored by the Chinese government. He is an accredited speaker, writer, teacher and advisor for the CICPA (Chinese Accounting Institute).

Prior to this role Jonathan was responsible for creating and developing the Grant Thornton global brand. He rebranded the organisation in 2008 and launched the global brand promise for Grant Thornton – ‘An Instinct for Growth’ in 2012. He also rebranded and renamed the Chinese firm in 2012 to Grant Thornton Zhi Tong. Jonathan walked to the North Pole in 2006 and spends what leisure time he has guiding teams in the mountains of the UK.

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About Meet the Authors

We regularly invite authors whose books have a China connection to come and speak at the University for our Meet the Authors series. A diverse range of authors have appeared to discuss both fiction and non-fiction books covering business, culture, history and more.