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Tai Chi Workshop

Culture Workshops
Wednesday 25 January 2023, 18:00 - 19:00
University of Leeds, Baines Wing SR (G.36)
Open to
Discover Chinese Yang Style 24 Form Tai Chi with our in-house expert, Li Yueju.
This free workshop is open to all.
Register via this form (select taiji 24 style) and come along ready for a practical introduction to Chinese culture!
Derived from Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi Quan incorporates many classic elements of Chinese thought, such as the unceasing change of yin and yang. Its movements are gentle and slow, like floating clouds and flowing water. When the counterpart’s strength strikes forward, the change reduces the counterpart’s strength, like striking cotton.
There is a saying in Chinese martial arts, “Internally, spirit and breathing are exercised; externally, bones, muscles and skins are exercised”.
Join us to discover these aspects of Chinese culture for yourself through an introduction to Tai Chi.