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The East Asian Studies Department (EAST) at the University of Leeds has a long tradition of Chinese language teaching, and we are proud to support students in their language learning through activities that complement their degree programmes. This page describes the opportunities available for you at the Confucius Institute if you study Chinese at the University of Leeds.

Workshops: sign up now!

Our workshops provide additional practice on material covered in lectures. These classes are a great opportunity for you to get more speaking practice and teacher feedback.

Please complete this online form to sign up

Workshops will begin in teaching week 3 (w/c 17 October). Please register by Monday 17 October.


Chinese Proficiency Exams (HSK)

We are a test centre for official international Chinese proficiency exams, meaning you can take them right here on campus. These exams are respected by universities and employers worldwide, and could be your ticket to the best jobs and scholarships available. For example, if you have HSK and HSKK level 3 or above, you can apply for scholarships for your year abroad.

You’ve already invested a lot of time, effort, and money in your studies, so why not get this additional certification while your Chinese language skills are at their best?

See full details on our Chinese Proficiency Exam pages.

Before the next HSK 3 exam in December, we can offer free one-off preparation sessions. Find out more here.

We offer complementary HSK preparation for EAST students, subject to demand. These are scheduled during one of the usual workshop slots, in the few weeks before the March exam date. This is perfect timing for first year students who wish to take the March HSK and HSKK exams and apply for a scholarship for your year abroad.

You are always welcome to make an appointment to speak to a teacher about exams or to browse our resource library.

Chinese Bridge Competition

Chinese Bridge is an international competition in which non-Chinese students can demonstrate their knowledge of Chinese language and culture… and have a lot of fun in the process! Students chosen to represent the University in the competition receive lots of support, including Chinese language coaching. If you are keen to improve your ability to present and perform in Chinese, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

Visit the Chinese Bridge Competition page to learn more. You can register your interest by completing this form (opens in a new tab).


As an EAST student you are eligible to apply for a Hanban scholarship to study in China. If you are in your first year, this could help to fund your Study Year Abroad. Scholarships are also worth looking into if you are considering studying in China after you graduate, or maybe even taking on a Masters Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

Scholarship winners are exempt from the following: 

  • Registration fees 
  • Tuition fees for the host institution in China
  • Fees for basic learning materials 
  • Accommodation fees on campus. 

They also receive: 

  • A one-off resettlement subsidy* 
  • A monthly allowance
  • Outpatient medical services
  • Comprehensive insurance for foreign students studying in China.

Please note that the scholarship doesn’t cover any tuition fees due to the University of Leeds during your Study Year Abroad.

You can find all the details and application procedures on the Hanban Confucius Institute Scholarships website. Here are a few key details for you to note:

  • You will need to take the HSK and HSKK exams. For a 1 year scholarship to study Chinese language, you would need to pass HSK 3.
  • The final application deadline for a September start will be in June. Please note that you will need to begin the process much earlier in order to complete your application by this deadline.
  • The scholarships are awarded through Hanban, but we need to provide a recommendation. In order to do this we require a reference from an EAST tutor, and will also take into account the links that you have with the BCI.  Please make sure that you familarise yourself with the Hanban application procedure, talk to your EAST tutors, and contact us early to check your eligibility.

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