Harrogate Grammar School Big Picture Day

BCI teachers ran Chinese calligraphy and papercutting sessions as part of the Harrogate Grammar School Big Picture Day on Thursday 14 October. 

Now an established part of the HGS school calendar, the Big Picture Day allows Year 7 and 8 students to discover Chinese language and culture in a packed day of themed activities. This year classes included lantern making, Chinese music, kite making, kung fu, cooking and more!

The goal is to encourage students to consider taking Mandarin Chinese as an extracurricular activity when it is available to them in Year 8.

Students impressed with their calligraphy skills, following BCI teacher Xunnan’s lead to write the characters 吉 (auspicious), 春 (spring) and 福 (good fortune).

The panda motif was a strong favourite in Michelle Wang’s papercutting class. Students also used their snipping skills to create crabs, roosters and the character 春 (spring).

The school shared updates from the day on Twitter: