Roundhay School students discover Mandarin with BCI teachers

Business Confucius Institute teachers spent the day at Roundhay School on Friday 24 September, introducing Year 7 students to Chinese language and culture as part of the school’s Languages Project Day.

The programme of activities for the day aimed to promote language learning in the school, with pupils taking part in a range of activities to expose them to different languages and cultures.

Business Confucius Institute teachers and volunteers delivered Mandarin and Chinese calligraphy workshops, with over 130 pupils passing through each classroom on the day.

After their Chinese class students were able to count to ten and use basic greetings.

Chinese teacher standing by the board, which says 0-5 in Chinese

In calligraphy teachers explained the history of calligraphy and showed students the ‘four treasures’ before taking them step-by-step through the writing of characters 吉 (auspicious), 春 (spring) and 福 (good fortune).

Student holding up their paper with two Chinese characters

Mandarin is not taught at the school so this was a special opportunity for students to try something completely different, and most of them were learning Chinese for the first time. They were full of enthusiasm and were very active and engaged in the classes.