ITV staff learn about Chinese language and culture

The Business Confucius Institute has delivered Chinese language and culture workshops at ITV as part of the organisation’s Feel Good programme for staff.

ITV Feel Good started in October 2016 and offers colleagues support and advice on having a balanced and healthy working lifestyle. The programme is based on four pillars:

  • Be active
  • Keep learning
  • Healthy body
  • Healthy mind.

Our Tai chi and Mandarin language workshops were part of Alternative April and took place at the Leeds offices.

On Tuesday 10 April staff enjoyed a Tai Chi taster session during their lunch hour, when they were introduced to the basic philosophy of yin and yang and learned the opening moves in the 24-step sequence. Attendees left the session feeling completely relaxed and keen to keep learning.

Greatly presented and very informative and enjoyable. Thank you.

Later in the week they had the opportunity to learn some Mandarin. The 45-minute taster session was enough to give attendees an introduction to the language and some basic words and phrases. Challenging yourself to learn something new and unfamiliar like Chinese can actually be more refreshing than you think – our students could safely say that they had completely forgotten about work for the duration of the lesson!

Maggie was great and made the class really fun!

Participants enjoyed “the opportunity to learn some basic words and phrases in a relaxed and friendly environment” and “getting an insight into another fascinating language”.

View photos from the sessions on our Flickr page.