Calligraphy workshop

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  • Time: 15:00-16:30
  • Location: Leeds University Business School, Meadow Room 6
  • Open to: People currently studying Mandarin with us, the East Asian Studies Department, or the Language Centre
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The Business Confucius Institute invites you to have a break from revision and practice Chinese all at the same time at this hands-on workshop with calligraphy artist Mr XU Kuanxu (徐宽叙).

Speaking in Chinese (with translation into English provided), Mr Xu will share his knowledge and show you how to write calligraphy in various styles. Writing materials will be provided.

Mr Xu’s enthusiasm for calligraphy is infectious, and after an absorbing session writing characters we hope you will feel refreshed and ready for exams – plus you’ll have an extra 1.5 hours of listening practice under your belt!

Places are limited – please register below to reserve your place. Note that this workshop is aimed at learners of Chinese currently studying with us or the East Asian Studies Department.

More about Mr Xu

XU Kuanxu, a retired civil servant, is a member of the Association of Calligraphy Artists, the Association of Painting and Calligraphy for Senior Cadres and the Association of Folk Artists of Kunming, China.

He has been studying the art of calligraphy for many years. He has a thorough knowledge of standard, cursive, official and seal scripts, with a preference for official and seal scripts.

His book The Culture Stew is a collection of poems and pross written in official and cursive scripts. His works have been exhibited, awarded and auctioned in China and have been collected by art lovers at home and abroad. He has also had his own gallery in Southwest Forestry University.

He has a profound understanding of Chinese traditional culture, poems and proses as well as music. He is the chief editor of Stories of the Town of Niujie, a 600-thousand-word novel, as well as Golden Rays at Dusk, a collection of poems and prose.

Mr Xu is also the author of Footprints, a 200-thousand-word novel, and the travel journal In Britain and Travelling through Europe. He was an Erhu performer in his early years.

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Note that this workshop is aimed at learners of Chinese currently studying with us or the East Asian Studies Department.

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