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Meet the Author: Dr Hong Liu introduces 'The Chinese Strategic Mind'

Meet the Author
Thursday 17 November 2016

Dr Hong Liu’s book draws from a range of fields to unravel the particular characteristics of the Chinese strategic mind. This event is an unmissable opportunity to hear from an expert on the differences in strategic thinking in China and the West.

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Providing a framework for Western practitioners to consider Chinese ways of thinking, this talk will be of interest to decision-makers in business and government, as well as academics in the fields of strategic management, international relations and politics looking for a new perspective in their research.

China’s rise to become a leading global power challenges both Western policy makers and business leaders. The West has often misread or misunderstood Chinese economic, military and political policies and decisions because of its tendency to see them through a Western lens and attempt fit them into Western strategic frameworks. Written from a Chinese perspective, this book asks: does the Chinese strategic mind have its own idiosyncrasies that differ considerably from the West?

Author Dr Hong Liu systematically explores the processes of the Chinese strategic mind by expounding and unravelling the particular characteristics: what they are, how they have evolved and what strategic implications they have. With detailed case studies to elucidate how the Chinese strategic mind has worked, this book successfully synthesises knowledge from distinct academic fields such as military studies, philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, linguistics and strategic management.

Join us at Meet the Authors for insight into how you can better understand the Chinese strategic mind, from an expert on the foundations and implications of the Chinese way of thinking.

Event agenda:

5:30pm - Registration and refreshments

6:00pm - Talk and Q&A

7:00pm - Book signing and networking

7:30pm - Event closes

Register now and tell us you are coming! We would also love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. What is your own experience of the 'Chinese strategic mind'? What questions would you like to ask Dr Liu? Get in touch!

About the Author

Hong Liu is Founding Director of the China Business Centre at Manchester Business School, and has provided management development programmes for over 700 Chinese senior officials and executives, including a number of vice ministers. He also designs and teaches senior executive development programmes for multinationals as well as global and full-time MBA programmes.

He speaks frequently to senior executives of various multinationals and public organisations. Having served as a board member of The 48 Group Club, he has been consulted by the Chinese, British, Polish and Bruneian governments on international business, and by a number of multinationals such as EADS, Volvo Trucks and AstraZeneca on Chinese business strategies.

Dr Liu holds a master’s degree in Economics from Renmin University of China and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Warwick Business School, and has published numerous papers on strategies in the context of China. He is the author of Chinese Business: Landscape and Strategies (Routledge, 2009) and The Chinese Strategic Mind (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015).

About Meet the Authors

We regularly invite authors whose books have a China connection to come and speak at the University for our Meet the Authors series. A diverse range of authors have appeared to discuss both fiction and non-fiction books covering business, culture, history and more.