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University of Leeds staff wellbeing sessions: Kung fu fan

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Wednesday 12 June 2024, 12:05 - 12:50
Open to
University of Leeds staff

We are delighted to offer FREE tai chi sessions for University of Leeds staff throughout the month of June! Spend your lunch hour doing some gentle movement and discovering Chinese culture with our instructor Yueju Li.

The standalone lesson program runs through:

Introduction to Qigong Ba Duan
Tai Chi
Kung Fu Fan

Health Qigong: 健身气功-八段锦 (Jiàn shēn Qìgōng -Bā duàn jǐn) Qigong (气功) is part of traditional Chinese culture.
Baduanjin (八段锦) is one of the most popular heath Qigong exercises. It is practiced nationwide featuring a combination of bodily movements and deep breathing, which helps to improve health and prevent illness. There are eight sections of movements: gentle slow smooth and consistent; rhythmic combination of relaxation and strength and of dynamism and inertia; to combine mind and body to cultivate vital energy.

Kungfu Fan: In history, FAN is an art, and a symbol of social status in ancient China. Kungfu Fan is the combination of Chinese martial arts "Tai Chi " and "Fan" culture. It integrates different styles of Chinese martial arts, drama and dance. Kungfu fan is to keep fit, and popular for people to see and enjoy.

24 Form of Tai Chi: Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal martial art system, now an effective health exercise improving our immune system, central nervous system and strengthening our fitness. The flowing movements and power for healing, the balance and harmony in everything, Tai Chis is fit for everyone, young or old. The 24 Form simplified Tai Chi is developed from the Yang style under the principle of being easy to learn and practise, and from simple to complex.

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