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Meet the Author: 'Thoughts of Chairmen Now' by Jonathan Geldart

Meet the Author
Tuesday 21 April 2015

Jonathan Geldart has interviewed some of the top Chinese business leaders of today- and now he is going to share their secrets with you.

Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed at the size and complexity of China? You want to tap into that huge market, but you don’t know where to start. Now you can learn from a man who has been there before.

Jonathan Geldart not only has a wealth of experience of developing markets in China, but can also share candid insights from top Chinese CEOs.

Jonathan and his co-author David Roth interviewed 14 Chinese business leaders for their book ‘Thoughts of Chairmen Now: Wisdom from China’s Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs’ (get a sneak preview here). From this book you can learn not only what Chinese business leaders think, but also how they think.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Attitudes of management and the workforce and how they’re shaped by China’s history and culture.
  • Opportunities and barriers facing Chinese brands as they expand at home and abroad.
  • Challenges of rapid growth, such as the need for an educated workforce qualified to deal with complexity and change.
  • Value guiding business leader, including honesty, hard work and serving both individual and communal wellbeing.
  • Leadership approaches for fostering staff devotion and more open communication.

This is your opportunity to meet the man behind the book and put your questions to him.


Registration starts: 5:45pm

Talk and Q&A: 6:15pm

Networking and book signing: 7:15pm - 7:30pm

One lucky attendee will win a £10 book voucher courtesy of Blackwell's Leeds, our partners for Meet the Authors events. You must register prior to the event AND attend the talk to be entered into the prize draw. Please be aware that the winner's photo will be used for promotional purposes.