Participating in a Leeds University Business School (LUBS) Summer Consultancy Project gave Consumer Analytics and Marketing Strategy student Ha Thu Nguyen the opportunity to respond to a real-life business brief, while also improving her intercultural competence and understanding of Chinese culture. Read her reflections on the linguistic and cultural factors that had an impact on the process, and the steps she took to overcome barriers.
The BCI has commissioned a student at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) to carry out a consultancy project as part of her Master’s course. The research she does in response to brief from the BCI will form an important part of her academic work and help local businesses understand their Chinese customers better.
Are you interested in using your Mandarin for business purposes after you graduate? This Business Chinese competition organised by SOAS provides access to networking opportunities, internships and more. If you are interested in taking part please get in touch with us by 13 March 2020.
2019年12月12日,2019年度欧洲国际商务学会EIBA(European International Business Academy)会前讲座在利兹大学商学院隆重举行。会议邀请到了英国Grant Thornton南亚集团业务发展主管Chandru Iyer作为演讲嘉宾,做了本次EIBA会前讲座——“中印企业在英投资现状分析”。